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  • Improve your website’s performance and security with Hostinger’s CDN
  • Currently in beta so Hostinger is welcoming feedback

Hostinger has launched its own in-house CDN (Content Delivery Network) for websites signed up to its Business Web Hosting plan or above. The feature is currently being tested and will look to replace Hostinger’s third-party solutions, such as Cloudflare.

The end goal of the switch is to allow users to manage everything in one place, helping you monitor your site’s performance from the same dashboard as other features.

Hostinger’s CDN beta will be available for customers using the US, UK, Singapore, Brazil, and France data centers.

What’s a CDN?

The idea of a CDN is to help improve your website’s speed and performance by distributing your content to additional servers. Visitors located far away from your origin server can face slower load times which can lead to higher bounce rates and customer dissatisfaction.

A CDN delivers content to visitors via a server closest to them, ultimately reducing your bandwidth usage and resulting in a better customer experience.

Hostinger’s in-house CDN beta includes:

  • Static website caching – Reducing the pressure on the origin server by caching static content across other servers
  • CDN bypass mode and cache purging – So visitors can immediately see any changes made to your site
  • CSS and JavaScript minification – Removes unnecessary code to minimize file size and boost your site speed
  • Data center rerouting – If there’s an issue, Hostinger will automatically reroute traffic to other data centers
  • Built-in website securitySecure your website and keep visitor data safe from harmful cyber attacks

Hostinger claims that this new CDN will be able to “reduce page load time by up to 10% and page size by nearly 50% on average.”

How To Try Hostinger’s CDN Beta

If you want to try out Hostinger’s CDN beta, navigate to your hosting dashboard via the hPanel. Select “Performance” and activate “CDN (Beta)”.

If you’re on the Business Web Hosting plan or above, and use data centers located in the US, UK, Singapore, Brazil, or France, then you can try out Hostinger’s CDN beta today.

The feature is still going through testing and the beta allows Hostinger to hear directly from users about what works and what doesn’t. So, if you give it a go, don’t be shy to let Hostinger know if anything should be improved.

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